How to Make a Presentation for Your Project

Using presentation software like Movavi Slideshow Maker is a great way for you to reach out your message to visual learners who can learn things faster by viewing picture slides. The slide presentation movie will run on its own without you having to click the next button. You can create a slideshow by using the photos that you have taken with your digital camera. You just have to import your photos into the storyboard timeline in Movavi Slideshow Maker. The first step is to download the Movavi Slideshow Maker. The trial version is free to download for you to test drive its features.

Movavi photo slideshow maker gives you the option to load the photos via the Add Media Files button or dragging them onto the storyboard timeline. You can open multiple photo files in the storyboard timeline. In the storyboard timeline, the photos will appear in small thumbnails that can easily be dragged to rearrange the sequence. You can click on the thumbnail of the slide and drag it to a different position before letting go of the mouse button.


If you have pictures that are snapped in the wrong position, for example holding the camera vertically when you want the photo to be horizontal. The rotate tool till rotate the picture right on the timeline and you will be able to preview the image rotation on the preview screen.


Movavi Slideshow Maker allows you to add transition effects in between the picture slides in the storyboard timeline. The transitions button is the button next to the trash can button on the toolbar. You can manually choose the transition effect or use a random transition. In the transition effect library, you just have to click on the transition effect you like and hold it while you drag it to in between the slides. The transition duration and image slide duration can be adjusted when you select the transitions button on the toolbar above the timeline.


The image enhancement tool allows you to manipulate the color balance of the photo. Adjusting the sliders under the Adjust tab allows you to make the photo look lighter or darker. You can blend in your own podcast into the slideshow movie. If your podcast does not match with the slides that is being shown in the preview screen, you can use the scissor tool to cut the podcast audio tracks. You can add new audio track into the slideshow at anytime by dragging it onto the timeline.


You can go to the T tab to add text onto the picture slides. If you want to use a title style, you must drag it to the T row on the timeline. After the title style is added to the T row, you can drag it to expand it so that the same text will appear on these slides as the slideshow movie is being played. Next, you must place your cursor on the text input frame and delete the default words so that you can enter your desired text. The text input frame can be moved to anywhere on the photo with your mouse cursor.


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