World wide Warming

Global Warming

Do you have flood insurance?

If we don’t tame ourselves with worldwide warming, then this is what the planet will seem like. Even the desert.

Go Green, at minimum as much as possible.

Or learn how to swim

Posted by Added Medium on 2009-07-sixteen 18:48:45

Tagged: , flood , desert , railroad crossing , trona , sunset , reflection , flaming pear , certainly, this is true , I have a tripod mounted to my canoe , and for propulsion, my son stuck his facial area in the water and did the ‘motorboat’ , we experienced to navigate the amphibious desert crocs which swam close to during floods , and then the water prepare was coming far too. what a day , oddly ample, desert tortoise… not the best swimmers , not the best fishing either. Did catch 1 Mojave Seabass


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